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Types of Carpet for Every Room

Different types of carpet for every room

When you’re decorating your home, it’s easy to slap on a new coat of paint, and even easier to swap in some new furniture. Your flooring is another matter entirely. It’s more permanent than other elements of the decor, and also more practical. Installing carpet is a fairly permanent choice; make sure that you choose something that truly represents your vision for your home. Carpet is an attractive and practical choice for almost any home.

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Where carpet doesn’t go

Before we discuss what to do with carpet, it’s important to realize that it doesn’t go in every room. Specifically, you don’t want carpet in your bathroom, kitchen or laundry room. These areas see too much moisture. You’re better off using linoleum or tile. That said, carpet is a fantastic option for almost anywhere else.

The types of carpet

Carpet falls into one of two broad categories. The first is called loop pile. Each of the sections features hundreds of small fabric loops, with a closed top. Loop pile holds up to lots of foot traffic. It can be rough and coarse, through, so it’s better to set up in utility rooms or other places where you don’t plan on going barefoot but which see lots of traffic.

Cut pile carpets have the tops of their loops cut open. This creates a softer top surface that’s soft to the touch and comfortable to run your feet over. Cut pile carpets are very common. They don’t have quite the same level of resiliency as loops, but if you value softness they’re the way to go.

Fabric and material construction

The other main consideration for choosing a carpet is the material from which it’s made. This is important because the type of fabric involved is a good indicator of how long it lasts, how well it wears and its ability to resist staining. There are a few different materials used in mainstream carpet construction:

  • Wool: The only natural fabric still used to make carpets. It holds up to foot traffic very well. If it’s dyed using colorfast pigments it also doesn’t stain easily. Wool is made from a renewable resource and is a green choice for your home.
  • Polyester: A very soft material, cut pile polyester carpet feels very comfortable underfoot. This is especially true for deep shag. Polyester is not as resilient as other material and doesn’t retain its shape and strength as well as the others. It does repel liquids well, which is ideal for resisting stains.
  • Nylon: Nylon is strong and resists stains moderately well. It’s ideal for laying down in hallways or other areas that see lots of foot traffic.
  • Olefin: Another synthetic fiber, olefin is very, very strong. It’s also more coarse than other fabrics. Olefin is a strong choice for entryways or children’s playrooms.

Other factors affecting carpet quality

Construction and material are not the only indicators of the quality of a carpet. How they’re put together also gives you a picture of how long the carpet is going to last. The main factors are density ad weight. Density measures who closely packed the loops are per square inch. Higher density means a softer feel and that the fibers have to take less pressure per step, thus increasing their overall lifespan. Weight is how many fibers there are overall. Higher weight and higher density are always better.
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Customizing your space

Flooring is among the most permanent types of interior decor elements. Once you make your selection, you aren’t stuck with that look forever. A fast and easy way to add new life to any room is to lay down an area rug. While most carpet comes in a single color or perhaps a simple two-tone pattern, carpets are available in all sorts of designs. This can be anything from geometric shapes to Persian paisley, Celtic knots, or even mural-like scenes. You can also rotate carpets out on a regular basis.

Caring for your carpet

Proponents of hardwood and other flooring options like to cite the durability of their favorite materials when compared to carpet, but with proper care you can make sure that yours lasts for the long term. It’s up to you to perform regular cleaning, which extends the life of your carpet. Vacuum the house once a day or every other day to keep dust from building up. Quickly sop up any spills, even if it’s just water. You also need to perform occasional deep cleaning. You can rent or hire out special cleaners and services that use water and chemicals to work out particles that get ground in deeply.

Getting professional help for repairs

While you can take care of cleaning on your own, it’s best to get the pros to come in when you’re dealing with damage. Common causes include getting gouged with sharp instruments or having heavy furniture dragged over the top. Extensive exposure to water can also be a major problem. This requires either adding new patches of carpet, replacing the liner or even a total carpet repair.

Magic Touch Carpet Repair is your choice for keeping your flooring in top shape in Scottsdale. We’re a trusted shop with a team that boasts years and years of experience in all sorts of situations. All you have to do is call us or fill out the contact form on this site. We sit down with you for a free consultation and estimate of your project. We give you terms in plain English so you know what to expect. After this we get to work fixing your carpets up so they look brand new. Whether it’s seam repairs, installing patches or anything else, we’ve got you covered. You deserve to have a home that’s beautiful, with soft, comfortable carpet. Let Magic Touch Carpet Repair take care of it all for you.

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Types of Carpet for Every Room

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