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Complete 2019 Vacuum Buying Guide: Which One Suits Your Needs Best?

Best Vacuums of 2019: A Buyer’s Guide

A clean, undamaged carpet makes for a healthy home, and vacuums are a critical tool when it comes to carpet maintenance. There are tons of available vacuum models on the market today, but depending on the specific situation at home, some are more suitable than others. Whether homeowners want to purchase a robotic vacuum or a traditional upright vacuum, this buying guide should help consumers make an appropriate choice.

Types of Vacuums and Their Benefits

Bagged Upright Vacuums

Bagged upright vacuums are the most traditional model of vacuum available. A regular bagged upright vacuum cleaner removes dust and dirt from carpet, rugs, and hardwood floors. Additionally, users must empty the vacuum’s bag or replace it when it gets full. While these vacuums are great for minimal usage households and for cleaning drapes and upholstery (with the right suction adjustments), they’re more substantial than other types of vacuums and take up more space in storage.

Consumer Reports, a nonprofit organization dedicated to truth, transparency, and fairness in the marketplace, named the Kenmore Elite Pet-Friendly 31150 as the best bagged upright vacuum cleaner of 2019. The vacuum is a bit louder than other vacuums of its same price point, but it’s especially powerful in homes with hardwood floors.

Bagless Upright Vacuums

Bagless upright vacuums are just like bagged upright vacuums, except they’re missing the bag part! A bagless upright vacuum doesn’t require the user to keep up with bags. For consumers most concerned with convenience, bagless upright vacuums are the way to go. However, keep in mind that, for those with allergies, bagged vacuum cleaners do a better job of containing allergens and other contaminants.

Consumer Reports named the Target exclusive Shark Navigator as the best bagless upright vacuum on the market today. The Shark Navigator is easy to handle and does a great job of removing pet hair. However, it’s louder than other comparable vacuums. Owners of Shark vacuums give notoriously high customer satisfaction scores.

Bagged Canister Vacuums

Canister vacuums are a popular choice for consumers who need to maneuver into hard-to-reach areas and want a lightweight vacuum. The motor and bag compose a unit on wheels that’s easily moveable, and the vacuum head attaches via a long hose. For the power of an upright vacuum but more mobility, go with a bagged canister vacuum.

While $1,000 may be too much to spend on a vacuum for most homeowners, the Miele Complete C3 Marin is the best bagged-canister vacuum on the market. For people with significant allergies, this vacuum can make life much more comfortable. The vacuum is notable for its useful attachments and its ability to capture dust and pet hair.

Bagless Canister Vacuums

Bagless canister vacuums are similar to bagged canister vacuums, but they don’t include the bag. Keep in mind that canister vacuums are usually better for bare floors, but they’re quite efficient at containing allergens.

The Miele Blizzard CX1 Cat & Dog was named the best bagged-canister vacuum on the market. It’s one of the more expensive vacuums in its category, but it earned top scores for reliability and owner satisfaction in a survey conducted by Consumer Reports.

Stick Vacuums

Stick vacuums are lightweight, easy to transport, and usually cordless. Consumers with high traffic areas that need vacuuming multiple times a week may find a stick vacuum most suitable for their needs. A lot of stick vacuums even come with a detachable handheld piece that makes it easy to clean upholstery, blinds, and car interiors. They also take up less room in storage.

Consumer Reports named the Shark Apex DuoClean Corded ZS362 as the best stick vacuum on the market in 2019. It has a 30-foot cord, but it excelled at all of the cleaning tests that the engineers at Consumer Reports put it through. Additionally, the vacuum has both a bristle roller and a soft roller so that users can go from bare floor to carpet and back again with no problems. The vacuum is also self-cleaning; it automatically clears hair from the brush roll.

Robotic Vacuums

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For busy people with both carpet and bare floors, robotic vacuums are a good choice.

Robotic vacuums have a place in American culture, from being featured as “DJ Roomba” on the NBC show Parks and Recreation to the popular video of a cat riding around their owner’s house on top of a robot vacuum. However, robotic vacuums have significant benefits for residents, including programmable features. For users who are not physically able to push a vacuum themselves, robotic vacuums are a great way to make life that much easier.

The best robotic vacuum on the market today comes from Samsung. The Samsung POWERbot R7065 is expensive at around $500, but it operates quietly and handles both carpet and bare floors. The POWERbot is also known for its ability to sneak into tight corners, and Consumer Reports claims that its power is comparable to full-sized upright vacuums.

Hand Vacuums

Hand vacuums are a popular choice for spot cleaning and other small areas that are hard to reach with traditional vacuums. Perfect for little messes, hand vacuums are also useful for lifting pet hair from upholstery and drapes.

Consumer Reports named the Shark Pet Perfect as the top hand vacuum cleaner of 2019. The Shark Pet Perfect runs for nineteen minutes, which is plenty of time to clean up small messes. However, the vacuum takes sixteen hours to charge. Keep in mind that hand vacuum cleaners aren’t used as often as their upright cousins, so this may not be a dealbreaker for a lot of consumers. Additionally, it comes with both a power brush and a crevice tool.

Factors To Consider When Purchasing A New Vacuum

Still unsure of which vacuum to buy? Keep in mind these factors when considering a new vacuum cleaner for the household:

  • Size of the home. Larger homes require more powerful vacuums, typically upright vacuums.
  • Stairs. Homes with stairs require an easy-to-carry vacuum.
  • Floor surfaces. Depending on the flooring, certain vacuums are more suitable than others. Canister vacuums are more effective on bare floors, for example.
  • Pets and allergies. For people with pets or people who suffer from allergies, it’s essential to select a vacuum with a HEPA certification and at least 12 amps of power.

Hopefully, this buying guide will help Chandler consumers choose the right vacuum for their homes. In the meantime, if any of the carpet in the house needs repair, contact Magic Touch Carpet Repair for a straightforward estimate!



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Complete 2019 Vacuum Buying Guide: Which One Suits Your Needs Best?

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