Have you stayed up all night at one of Scottsdale’s best nightclubs?

The 3 best nightclubs in Scottsdale, AZ

The nightlife isn’t for everyone, but those who stay up until the sun peaks over the horizon know that a good nightclub is hard to find. Competition is fierce. A great club has the best music acts, original cocktails, excellent amenities, and won’t break your budget. There are some serious contenders in Scottsdale, so we’ve narrowed down the best of the best. After a long day of carpet repair, sometimes you just need to dance the rest of your energy away.

Maya Day + Nightclub

Not everyone can stay up late. The Maya Day + Nightclub is like two clubs in one. Located in the bustling enterainment district, this club features access to a swimming pool during the day when you want a nice afternoon cocktail and swim. Nightlife really kicks it up with such well-known acts as Derude and other heavy hitters in the EDM scene.

Club amenities include:

  • State of the art laser light system and smoke machines for a multi-sensory dance night.
  • An in-pool stage where you can see incredible acts like local fire-dancers and more!
  • A robust cocktail menu and some of the nation’s biggest EDM acts almost every night of the week!

Kazimierz World Wine Bar

You didn’t think we were sticking exclusively with dance clubs, did you? Sometimes it’s nice to relax, kick back with a nice red, and listen to Jazz. That’s what you’ll get at the Kazimierz World Wine Bar. The decor is reminiscent of a speakeasy and the bar is all class. You’ll get access to one of Scottsdale’s most incredible wine lists and waiters who actually know how to pair them with a delectable menu of meats and cheeses.

Club amenities include:

  • A wine list with over 2000 different wines on it from different regions and years.
  • Frequent live Jazz music from local and traveling bands.
  • With a commercial license, Kazimierz can sell you wine to go.

Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row

You wouldn’t think a restaurant that takes after a country music star would be a safe bet, but Dierks Bentley’s Whiskey Row┬ámanages to pull it off. It presents the best of the old and the new in a country bar. Decor and the dance floor speak to the days of gritty bars where anything could happen. The menu and drink specials provide a modern take on American cuisine.

Club amenities include:

  • Great live music from the house band as well as traveling country acts.
  • Great happy-hour specials mean┬áthis bar isn’t cost prohibitive.
  • Special events like acoustic Fridays where you can hear your favorite hits unplugged.

Now that you know where the nightlife is, enjoy the day with some shopping and excellent local museums.