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Grout Repair Scottsdale

Even though it seems like filling, grout is an important part of your tire. It helps keep water out and stops tiles from rubbing together so they are less likely to crack. This protective layer is also much cheaper to fix or replace than the tiles themselves! So if it starts to crack or break down, call Magic Touch Carpet Repair for a one-stop solution to grout repair in Scottsdale. Don’t go to the trouble and expense of having your tile and grout replaced. Give us a call and save time and money with thorough and affordable services!

How can tile grout get damaged?

Grout can begin to crumble over time, leaving tile loose and susceptible to falling out. It can also create a source of injury if someone loses footing on a lose tile. Grout can deteriorate with time, exposure to UV rays, water damage, or as a result of damage from harsh cleaning agents. It is also possible that it was not laid right or may not have been mixed correctly. Our professional grout repair service fills in and strengthens your grout so that the tile is secure and your tile is level and looks great.

Our grout repair services include

  • Grout Cleaning
  • Grout Sealing
  • Re-Grouting
  • Grout Coloring
  • Tile Re-Caulking

  • Stone Restoration
  • Indoor Grout Repair
  • Outdoor Grout Repair
  • Kitchen and Bathroom Grout Repair
  • Grout around Stone Flooring

Come to us for superior grout repair

In addition to grout beginning to crumble, it also gets dingy with time. Our deep-down tile and grout cleaning gets into all the little crevices within the grout for a better cleaning than you can get on your own. We use products and techniques that are safe for the tile and grout. Additionally, we also offer grout re-coloring options which can create a surprisingly new look for your home or office.

Integrity is one of our core values

If you have sections of grout missing, cracked, or crumbling out, it is time to give us a call. We offer a free estimate, and all our pricing is upfront and honest. You will find our rates competitive, and all our services are carried out by well-trained, experienced employees, and we never contract out work to unknown contractors. This ensures you know who you’re dealing with from start to finish.

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