Looking for affordable grout repair in Chandler?

Grout Repair Chandler

Why spend money on replacing your tile and grout? Get it cleaned instead! If you’re looking for grout repair in Chandler, call the experts at Magic Touch Carpet Repair. We’ll make it look great again with our tile and grout repair services. Our experienced tile and grout technicians clean, repair, and seal grout. We can reset tile and leave your floor, counter tops, or bathroom tile looking new again—and the setting will be solid and long-lasting.

Don’t pay more to start over. And don’t trust your tile to less experienced hands!  

Grout Whitener
The nature of grout makes it a trap for dirt and grime. It is also susceptible to staining from spills. We use professional grout cleaners that are strong, yet safe to restore your grout to a clean, white color. Many grout whitening products sold in stores are too harsh and can damage the grout or tile. Others don’t really work. We deliver a thorough, deep clean that consistently whitens your grout without damaging it.
Grout Dying
Changing the color of your grout can have a greater impact on the look of a room than you might think. If you are remodeling or simply ready for a change, we offer grout dying to any color you have in mind.
Grout Sealant
Having a protective layer over your grout keeps it safe from staining and discoloration. Sealant also protects it from water damage, mold, heat, and UV rays. We use sealant that is thin yet hardy. You will not be able to see it, but it will protect your grout from years to come.

We do carpet repairs too!

Our professionals can do any kind of carpet repair including carpet seams, stretching, and even carpet pet damage!

We remove grout stains

Grout Repair ChandlerGrout stains make your floor or other tile surfaces look dirty, no matter how clean they are. And because these stains are tough to reach and hard to clean, it may seem like it’s impossible to get your tile floor cleaned. We have specialized products and methods that safely lift stains. Call us today for comprehensive grout services in Chandler.