Don’t ignore grout repair for long!

Grout Repair AhwatukeeWhile it may seem like a small problem, grout plays a big role in the health of your floor or countertop.The little space between your tiles makes a huge difference. And if it breaks, it might cause more problems than you think. If you notice that it’s cracked, broken, or discolored, call up Magic Touch Carpet Repair for grout repair in Ahwatukee. By catching the problem and getting it fixed early, you can save a significant amount of money by avoiding costly repairs that would be required later down the road.

What is grout and why is it used? Grout is a mixture of substances that form a paste created specifically to fill in the space between materials. It generally comes in epoxy, grounded, or furan styles, depending on the function of the area where it is installed. Grout helps keep out water and stops materials like tile from rubbing together so they don’t crack. Without it, many surfaces would become damaged quickly. Because it’s cheaper than the main surface, grout maintenance can save you time and money by avoiding breakages or other damage.

What kind of grout repair service do you do?

We’re able to restore or fix many problems that can occur in your grout. Some of our grout restoration services include: Grout Repair Ahwatukee

Our grout cleaning is second to none!

Grout is notoriously difficult to clean. A common method people use is to meticulously clean each space between their stone or tile with an old toothbrush. But if you don’t like the idea of dirt and grime on your toothbrush and aren’t particularly excited about choosing to clean using a punishment method from old movies and TV shows, then call us instead. We have professional quality grout cleaning brushes and industrial cleaners that are safe to use and aren’t harsh to your surfaces.  And we’ll make sure the job gets done right! 

Want some help with grout repair and more?

Give us a call or contact us and we’ll take care of this as well as difficult carpet cleaning tasks for you!