Carpet Seam Repair

Carpet Seam Repair Chandler
An opening of the seams in carpeting is something that should be repaired quickly. Not only can it quickly grow and get much worse (and more expensive to repair), it is also a tripping hazard. Things easily catch on the edges of unsecured carpeting, tearing the gap even larger and potentially making it a jagged tear rather than a straight edge to repair. Magic Touch Carpet Repair offers quality carpet seam repair in Chandler and the surrounding areas. When we are done, you won’t know the seam had ever come undone.

The line between two areas of carpeting, where they are attached to one another, is called a seam. If the carpet has not been well installed, it has seen too much stress, or it has stretched with age, the seams can begin to separate. A seam repair is a common and affordable repair, however, letting it becomes a large rip requires more work to correct the problem. Call us as soon as you see an opening in the seam and our skilled professionals will repair it quickly and beautifully.

Fast, Affordable Carpet Seam Repair Chandler

Carpet Seam Repair ChandlerOur certified carpet technicians have experience sewing carpeting seams in place so they look smooth, even, and like there was never a problem to begin with! If the carpeting has stretched, causing the seams to separate, we will trim the edges before sewing them to correct the problem and avoid future separation.

As a locally-owned carpet company, we are dedicated to providing our community with excellent customer care. We guarantee our work, so you can feel confident when you call us.

We are experienced, fast, affordable, and have a reputation for outstanding work!

Call today for your free estimate on carpet seam repair in Chandler and get a professional quick-fix before the seam can get worse.

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