Carpet Seam Repair

Carpet Seam Repair Ahwatukee
Carpet seams can come undone due to poor installation, stretching with age, or something catching on it and causing a rip. When a seam comes apart, it can easily get worse if it is not fixed quickly. An open seam is easy to get a foot caught on. When that happens it is not only a tripping hazard, but the seam is often torn further (and often unevenly). This creates a more expensive repair. If you have an open seam, call Magic Touch Carpet Repair today for carpet seam repair in Ahwatukee or the surrounding areas.

A carpet seam is the line where two sections of carpeting come together. Over time, carpet stretches and becomes loose. The seam is one of the more vulnerable areas for damage when carpeting is slack. People walking as well as furniture and items being moved across the carpet pulls on the seams, causing them to slowly (or at times all at once) come apart. You want to get this repaired before it has time to cause a tripping injury or a tear.

We are experienced, fast, affordable, and have a reputation for outstanding work!

Efficient, Affordable Carpet Seam Repair in Ahwatukee

Carpet Seam Repair AhwatukeeOur certified carpet repair professionals have the experience and tools to get to you quickly and sew up any type of carpet seam. Our seam repair is thorough and made to last! If the seam has come open because of stretching, our technicians will stretch and cut the excess carpeting for a tight, firm repair.

The carpet seam repair we perform will look smooth. You will not notice there was ever a break in the seam. All our labor isĀ guaranteed, so you can rest assured it will stand up over time.

Call today for professional carpet seam repair in Ahwatukee and the surrounding areas.

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