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Carpet Patching Ahwatukee

Ahwatukee Carpet Patching Services

Carpet Patching AhwatukeeNothing ruins the look of your carpeting like a burn mark, worn area, or a hole. While these types of problems cannot be cleaned away, they can be replaced. Magic Touch Carpet Repair offers carpet patching in Ahwatukee that is impossible to differentiate. You will not be able to tell where your carpeting ends and the patch has been installed.

Our certified carpet care professionals expertly match a carpet patch to you surrounding carpeting. We have a large selection to choose from and can dye and even trim piling when needed. Our match will be indecipherable from the rest.

Seamless Carpet Patching in Ahwatukee

Ahwatukee Carpet Patching ServiceCarpet patching not only needs to match, but it also needs to be sized and installed with precision care. Our skilled professionals carefully size the patch so that it has room to adjust, without allowing too much give. They sew the patch to the surrounding carpet as well as attach it to the flooring so that it seamlessly blends in. It is made to stay in place and will not separate from the area.

As a locally-owned carpet repair business, it is important to us that our customers are happy with our work. We see you as our friends and neighbors in the community, and your satisfaction is our satisfaction. We guarantee our work, so you can feel confident about choosing us.

Repairing carpets since 2006

Why leave that burn or shabby-looking spot in the carpet where it draws the eye away from the rest of the room? Our affordable, professional carpet patching will eliminate the spot and repair it to a constant appearance. We have rave online reviews to attest to our superior craftsmanship. Call today for a free estimate carpet patching in Ahwatukee and let us return the smooth, flawless look of your carpet.

Also, give us a call for pet damaged carpets.